The cONEverter

Drag and drop or select and upload a Cargo-XML XFWB file to convert to ONE Record JSON.

Note: An example XFWB message is available for download.


The Cargo-XML to ONE Record cONEverter is a free tool supporting the cargo industry by validating data implementation from Cargo-XML into ONE Record JSON.

The engine supporting the cONEverter is the open-source Cargo-XML to ONE Record converter library.

Cargo-XML and ONE Record are brands of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), cONEverter is a brand of Riege Software.

Implemented version and message types

So far the cONEverter supports the Cargo-XML XFWB message version 3. More message types and version might become available.

The cONEverter is based upon and converts into ONE Record Ontology Data-Model version 1.1, publicly available at ONE-Record folder 'June-2021-standard-COTB-endorsed' on GitHub.

Cooperation is appreciated

The IATA ONE Record initiative and especially mapping of Cargo-XML to ONE Record is an ongoing process within the IATA digital cargo realm.

For issues or questions with the ONE Record data model or Ontology, please refer to or create new issues with

For issues related to the cONEverter engine see:

Data Protection (GDPR)

Uploaded files and data are only used for the conversion and presentation of the latter.

The uploaded data is not stored on the server for any other purpose than conversion and presentation.

The cONEverter only uses one standard session cookie (named 'JSESSIONID'). The only purpose of the session-cookie is to guarantee the proper use of this portal, see for details.

Legal Information

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